​Translation services



Available for all translation services, as well as proofreading and/or revision, on any format (paper or digital) and for all kinds of documents: books, e-books, websites, booklets, brochures, reports, records, theses or dissertations, etc.

Translation, linguistic revision and proof-reading

All my translations undergo a three-fold process: pure translation of the source text, linguistic revision of the draft, and proof-reading (or a final correction). 

Clients may therefore request revision and/or proof-reading of a translation they already have.

From English and Spanish into French

Source languages: English and Spanish in their different regional variations (European and American).

In compliance with the International Charter of Translators (Section I, Paragraph 6), I only translate into my mother tongue – French.

The focal point of my areas of specialisation: the humanities and social sciences

Over and above the humanities and social sciences and their various scopes of application, my skills as a translator extend to include a significant number of related fields:


– Sociology and anthropology
– Economics and politics
– History and historiography
– Philosophy
– Psychology
– Geography
– Science (general) and epistemology
– …


– Tourism and recreation
– Management and human Resources
– NGOs and associations
– Health and social care
– Government and law
– Teaching and pedagogy
– Studies, surveys and polls
– Ecology and environmentalism
– Architecture and planning
– Journalism and news stories
– Internet and e-Commerce
– New technologies
– Advertising and marketing
– Corporate communication
– …

My enthusiasm with regard to expanding my expertise in other subjects means I ensure fast, reliable terminological research.

Source document page layout adhered to or altered

If the client wishes, the layout and document format of the final translation may perfectly mirror that of the file provided.

The client may also wish to provide a style sheet to be applied to the translation.

The finished product: a text in its context

Throughout the translation process, I keep in mind who the translation is aimed at, and in particular the defining features of its prospective readers. Every term I use is weighed and the language register used in the source text is retained (or modified if the client so desires). I deliver fluid, French prose that sounds natural and is adapted to its intended use (book, article, website, advertisement, internal document, etc.)